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Introducing Myself as an Author

This newsletter and website have been a lot of fun. They are where I introduced the two children's books I wrote during COVID, Measuring Day and Angel’s Very Big Bag of Rocks. Working with illustrators who captured the ideas of the books so I could use fewer words (picture books generally have less than 700 words—bet you didn’t know that) was challenging and entertaining.

I have been working on another project for two and a half decades—twenty-five years, a

memoir about why I was compelled to leave a career I loved. Now, I am in the last lap, nearing the homestretch.

In future newsletters and blogs, I will share more about this book, still in the manuscript stage, but closing in on the finish line. I will write about writing and what I’ve learned and I will encourage you to write as well.

Writing will clear your head, help you get rid of all that stuff you have stored in your house for that day when you will finally get around to doing something about it, and give you a sense of accomplishment.

You don’t have to write a book. How about an incident, a memory, a feeling, an experience?

These stories beg to be told. They are one way we connect with each other. They are one way we share family legacies.

You will learn that writing is a good thing.


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