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The Newsletter Editor

Let me introduce my exceptional daughter-in-law, Stefanie Allen, who takes the raw material for my website and transforms it into the delightful newsletter you see, complete with well-wrought and amusing commentary. 

In my last newsletter, she wrote an introduction in which she implied that I may have a five-year old daughter—who is actually my granddaughter, a force of nature and Stefanie’s little girl. I am careful writing about my grandchildren or I would tell you more. In today’s world, exposure is not always a good thing.

I’m inviting Stefanie to become a visible and articulate part of my little operation of blogs, newsletters, website, and the marketing of two picture books, with more ideas on the way. Perhaps there will be a memoir added to the list—is it too optimistic to say “soon,” realizing the word is non-specific but hopeful?

She has an accomplished resume’, loves geology, and has a sharp eye during target practice, taking out gallons of frozen Tampico while some of the other shooters were still aiming. This was no small feat.

She is a wonderful mother.

 Let me introduce Stefanie


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