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No Deprivation Here

I felt deprived. Everyone else reached for a cookie except gluten-free me. I wasn’t particularly hungry for a cookie, but the idea I couldn’t have one stayed with me when I got home from Cookieville.

I went online. Did you know there are a host of gluten-free cookies available online at Walmart including Tates? Tates makes three that are gluten free—chocolate chip, coconut and ginger. My favorite is the ginger cookie because they have tiny pieces of delicious, chewy candied ginger. All the cookies are crispy but go well with a glass of your favorite kind of milk—cow, almond, soy, cashew . . .

Eating gluten free requires a paradigm shift. I didn’t want to be gluten free. I first suspected I had the problem when I ate bread and the joints in my hand would get stiff and ache. I must have tested my theory a hundred times. Finally, after fasting and then having a piece of toast and my thumb became swollen and really tender, I became a believer. Things I loved were no longer available to me. I had to figure out substitutes and foods that tasted good but didn’t have gluten.

So, imagine my cookie-happiness when I shopped online at Walmart and found so many choices I could hardly believe it.

Other places I have found tasty gluten free food is online Whole Foods through Amazon. Also, gluten free bread through Amazon, at Costco, and in the frozen bread section at Fry’s.

And here is another joyful discovery: Almond flour tortillas. I’ve found them at Fry’s and Costco. They aren’t the same as a white flour tortilla, but broiled with a bit of cheese? They will do. Trust me.

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