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What is a Woman?

What I've been doing

July has been a busy month. We’ve had visits from grandchildren and a brother-in-law. I have been working on edits to my memoir, Doing Time in Purgatory: A Doctor’s Story About What It Means To Be A Woman, and looking for agents and publishers. I’ve also pursued an interest in the current gender brouhaha dominating news and social media about gender identity. What is the source? How long has there been a problem? And what on earth is happening to our youth?

Matt Walsh produced a telling documentary seen on The Daily Wire, and published a book, both titled What Is A Woman—One Man’s Journey to Answer the Question of a Generation. He documents the beginning of conceptualizing gender identity to the 1930s and identifies early sexologists who studied sexuality and originated the idea of gender theory. Some of these individuals had perverted ideas about sex, sexuality in children and gender. They were welcomed into academic circles where some of their experiments were abusive to children.

This subject is critically important because our children are being prematurely exposed to sexualized material and concepts about gender without parental approval. This information is harmful and confusing. Our children experience social pressure to fall in line as advocates or possibly as one who questions his or her own gender. Learn about Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and ask what the outcome will be as hundreds of adolescents question their gender to the point of transitioning. Discover and follow the money trail.

It is important we understand the origins and intent of this movement and determine our understanding based on science and facts. Walsh’s book that is an easy read, gives a great overview.

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