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Happy February

February 4, 2024

Friends, family, fellow writers—Happy February! 

Here in Mesa, the days are longer. The weather is beautiful meaning we have had rain and blustery days. I picked two winter tomatoes that were perfectly ripe and sweet. We are enjoying navel oranges and lemons. Rhubarb chard grows in the garden in glossy green leaves with red veining. I plant it every fall simply because it is so attractive. Even the air is clean, washed by the rain. The clouds are luminous, carrying their moisture across our skies, glowing at dawn and dusk.

I know what’s ahead—the oven days of July and August, but today is wondrous. 

February is the love month, Valentine’s Day—heart-shaped candies with imprinted messages, syrupy sentiments. 

“I love you.”

“Be my valentine.”

This is the month to be a lover of all good things.

Will you be my valentine?



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