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Chia Chats: a book review

Meet Sana Fayyaz


Book review: Chai Chats

Every human has creativity running through their veins. When the choice is made to nurture this creativity and generously share it beyond ourselves, we have the power to connect with one another regardless of our different world views, religions, and race. Sana Fayyaz

Let me introduce Sana Fayyaz and her delightful collection of essays, Chai Chats. Born in Pakistan, Sana spent time in New York and Saudi Arabia. She currently resides in New York. Married with three daughters and describes herself as being “one pet short of the white picket fence American dream.”

I fell in love with this book. Her calm, reflective voice offered insights and connections between activities such as the Pakistani tradition of making a perfect cup of chai, and the challenges of daily life.

She is a strong, loving mother, writing warmly about her husband and three daughters. Her well-composed words have universal resonance.

And there is humor, subtle, here and there, an observation, an insight, never afraid to laugh a little at herself.

A short read, Chai Chats is one you will pick up read again and again—for its story, because Sana’s intimate voice invites you into her life as a friend, because you will recognize yourself in her writing.


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