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Best Ever One-Pan Roast Chicken! Thank you, Martha Stewart.

A great recipe must be shared which is why I’m offering up the best roast chicken I ever made. Go online for Martha Stewart’s Roast Chicken with Vegetables and Lemon. Make it for Sunday dinner and impress yourself and everyone at the table with how delicious it is.


The secret is the lemon. I use two instead of one like she suggested because mine are small. And I slice them rather than halve them so they cover more territory.

The chicken is baked at 450 degrees and takes a surprisingly long time – around an hour. But something about that temperature, the lemon, the vegetables (leeks, potatoes, carrots –I’m going to try some other ones) infuse the vegetables and chicken with a wonderful lemon flavor.

And it’s a beautiful meal – the chicken is golden, the vegetables colorful and tasty.

Fixing this will make you the hero of the day.

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