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Rene (pronounced: Reen)

I write picture books, non-fiction, and little, funny stories about everything. I like to laugh.

I went to school for many years to become a doctor. After that, I went to school to become a writer. I love school, which is why I keep going back to school.

I live in Arizona where it is hot in the summer, but in January, when everyone is complaining about how cold it is, I like to go outside and pick an orange.

Word Nerds

About my logo

One of the saguaros was near the trunk of the Palo Verde. Years of slow growth from now, it will push through an embrace of spiny branches to tower over the tree the way an adolescent boy does his mother. At that time, the intimate arrangement of tree and cactus may seem arbitrary unless the observer understands their history. It is the safety provided by the Palo Verde that enables the saguaro to grow.
Rene Allen - logo.png

I felt a pull of resonance and connection.

In my beloved desert was the metaphor for what I wanted in my own life as a woman.

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